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First, I'm not a model or professional weight lifter. I'm someone looking to get in shape and be healthy.  That being said, I love coming here. Everyone is welcoming and encouraging and there is a wide variety of classes to meet everyone's likes and needs. They will push you to try things you haven't tried before but always accepting of everyone at their own level.  Give it a try!!!

Rebecca D.
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If you want a positive, encouraging experience this is the place for you. The energy and community is amazing. The workouts always leave me refreshed and feeling stronger.

This place is great for beginners and advanced, for people who want to workout virtually or in person. Truly a gem of a gym!

Teresa M.
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I was a 9 year regular at a different gym just going through the motions everyday. Switching to Union is the best decision I've made! There's such a wide variety of classes that getting bored with the workouts is not an option! The trainers and other members are amazing, it feels like home from the moment you walk in! I'm so happy that I found Union, I love this gym!

Lavita K.


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