Get the best of 1 on 1 and group sessions, in a budget-friendly package. Our expert coaching staff will ensure that you have a personalized training program, tailored to your fitness level and desired results. They will walk you through each exercise, ensuring proper form and safe execution. Of course, you will not only have the support of your coach, but the camaraderie of your small group training partners along the way to your ideal fitness results.

Personal Fitness
Our team will design and guide you through your own custom session. While at a group class value, this is not a class where you’re tossed in to do the same workout as everyone else with no consideration of goals or health history. Simply show up, and we take it from there!

Got Your Back Promise
There’s 23 hours a day where you aren’t with our team. don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Our team will go above and beyond to be sure you reach your goals inside and outside the gym with our VIP Facebook page and weekly emails and reminders, you’ll be crushing goals faster than ever!

Unwavering Accountability
Every workout with Union is personalized and tailored to your needs and goals, and our expert staff will make sure you can reach your fitness goals quickly and safely. Have questions? Fill out the form below.



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First, I'm not a model or professional weight lifter. I'm someone looking to get in shape and be healthy.  That being said, I love coming here. Everyone is welcoming and encouraging and there is a wide variety of classes to meet everyone's likes and needs. They will push you to try things you haven't tried before but always accepting of everyone at their own level.  Give it a try!!!

Rebecca D.
    

If you want a positive, encouraging experience this is the place for you. The energy and community is amazing. The workouts always leave me refreshed and feeling stronger.

This place is great for beginners and advanced, for people who want to workout virtually or in person. Truly a gem of a gym!

Teresa M.
    

I was a 9 year regular at a different gym just going through the motions everyday. Switching to Union is the best decision I've made! There's such a wide variety of classes that getting bored with the workouts is not an option! The trainers and other members are amazing, it feels like home from the moment you walk in! I'm so happy that I found Union, I love this gym!

Lavita K.


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